MNCHIP medical series products are fully-automated advanced diagnostic instruments, including automated chemistry analyzer and auto clinical chemistry analyzer. Real-time blood analyzer provides lab-accurate results within minutes for a wide range of clinical chemistry needs. In order to provide better health service, lower price, and sparing more time for treatment, automatic clinical chemistry analyzer can afford medical diagnosis and benefit more patients. They are amazingly simple and intuitive. In numerous lab correlation studies, the accuracy, precision and reproducibility of the series Chemistry Analyzer products have been proven and approved by lots of respected hospitals and laboratories.

Real-Time Blood Chemistry Analzyer

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Advantages of Auto Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • Ease of Use Expands diagnostic capabilities in just 3 steps.

  • Quick ResultsEnables results in approximately 7 minutes.

  • Small Sample SizeRequires only 0.1 cc (100 μl) whole blood, serum, or plasma.

  • Large StorageStores more than 50,000 patient records.

  • LIS CompatibleNo need to manually input patient information.

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